The Wines

Here is a PARTIAL LIST of the wines that will be available for sampling at the event…more than 200 wines will be available!

Archery Summit – Pinot Noir Premier Cuvee
Au Contraire – Chardonnay
Bee’s Box – Chardonnay
Bee’s Box – Pinot Noir
Belle Glos – Las Alturas Pinot Noir
Belle Glos – Clark&Telephone Pinot Noir
Belle Glos – Dairyman Pinot Noir
Beran – Zinfandel Sonoma
Beringer – Waymaker Red Blend
Beringer Brothers – Cabernet Sauvignon Bourbon Barrel
Beringer Brothers – Red Blend Bourbon Barrel
Beringer Brothers – Chardonnay Bourbon Barrel
Bertani – Valpolicella
Boom Boom – Syrah
Bottega Vinaia – Pinot Grigio
Bujanda – Reserva
Carne Humana – Red Blend Napa
Catena – Cabernet Sauvignon
Ch La Berriere – Muscadet Sevre Et Main
Ch St. Jean – Creamy Chardonnay
Chamisal Vnyds – Chardonnay Stainless
Charles Smith – Cabernet Sauvignon
Chat. Trignon – Rasteau
Conundrum – Red Blend
Conundrum – White Blend
Coppola R&B – Pinot Grigio
Coppola R&B – Rosso
Cuttings – Cabernet Sauvignon
Dom Fournier – Sauvignon Blanc
Domain Sarrail – Espirit Rouge
Eden Sp. Cider – Sparkling Dry
Eden Sp. Cider – Northern Spy
Eden Sp. Cider – Semi Dry Sparkling
Eden Sp. Cider – Eden Rose Imperial
Eden Sp. Cider – Honeycrisp
Eden Sp. Cider – Heirloom Blend

Elouan – Pinot Noir
Emmolo – Sauvignon Blanc
Eve – Chardonnay
Faustino Rioja – Riserva V
Ferrari – Brut
Juve Y Camps – Brut Rose
Kung Fu Girl – Riesling
L’Orangerie – Bordeaux Rouge Superior
L’Orangerie – Bordeaux Blanc
Matua – Sauvignon Blanc
Meiomi – Rose
Meiomi – Chardonnay
Meiomi – Pinot Noir
Mer Soleil – Silver Unoaked Chardonnay
Mer Soleil – Chardonnay Reserve
Pavillion – Chardonnay
Peter Yealand – Sauvignon Blanc
Pine Ridge – Napa Cabernet Sauvignon
Pine Ridge – Chardonnay Carneros
Pine Ridge – Chenin Blanc/Viognier
Portillo – Malbec
Rocca Delle – Chianti Clas Res
S.A. Prum – Riesling Essence
Saldo – Zinfandel
Seghesio – Old Vine Zinfandel
Seghesio – Zinfandel Sonoma
Sella & Mosca – Cannonau
Sofia – Brut Rose
Sofia – Blanc De Blanc
The Prisoner – Red Blend
Travaglini – Gattinara Red
Velvet Devil – Merlot
Wente – Wetmore Cabrnet Sauvignon
Wente – Sauvignon Blanc Louis Mel
Wente – South Hills Cabernet Sauvignon
Wente – Chardonnay Morning Fog