The Wines

Winefest 2021 features themed wine tables! We are excited for everyone to experience these!

1 – Chardonnay from around the world : 

If you’re a Chardonnay drinker, or even better, if you’re not, here is your chance to try Chardonnay’s varying in style, flavor profile, and maybe discover a new love and appreciation for Chardonnay! 

2 – The “Italian stallions” (nebbiolo/nero d’avola/sangiovese/super tuscan) :

Everyone loves an Italian wine, they are earthy, deeply rooted in history, and they will delight your palate. Our servers are ready to tell you more about some of the most classic Italian wine styles out there or tell you about a new one.

3 – “Jump into Spring” Whites :

Bright, refreshing, crisp, and clean; these whites are zippy with acidity and are ready to join you on your first picnic of the season, and never forget your cheese with these wines.

4 – Natural Wine :

If you’ve been hearing the buzz words “natural wine” and wonder, “what exactly is natural wine?” Well, its a big subject and at the Winefest we’d like to break it down with you and talk about the meaning behind the title and answer your questions.

5 – Grapes you’ve never heard of but you should! :

Some grapes like Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Merlot, are familiar. Because of their familiarity they can sometimes carry more marketing weight or power and they come with a higher price tag. These lesser known varietals and lesser known regions are wonderful wine growing regions and we’d like to tell you more about them as you taste, try, and hopefully share with your friends at home.

6 – Classy Rosés :

We all love Rosé right? Well, at least we do at the Winefest! If you don’t, try some very classy rosés sure to impress at your next gathering or just for your next cheese board at home.

7 – Bubbles on a Budget :

Sparkling wine brings the fun to any party, gathering, or special occasion, but you can’t always splurge for a full – on bottle of Champagne right? Sparkling wine is made in many parts of the world and in all sorts of different ways. Let us showcase some new and different sparkling that will make your mouth water and taste buds pop!

8 – Date Night Wines :

Whether it’s a seafood dinner or steak night, maybe even just a “Netflix and chill” kind of night, impress your partner and enjoy these hot date night wines with us. They pair great with food but you don’t need food to enjoy these wines.

9 – Bold Reds :

If you love tannins, heavy bodied wines, and bigger baked fruit flavors, try some bold reds with us at the Winter Winefest! These wines showcase a range of styles but all ready to be enjoyed alongside any roasted meat or earthy dinner for those of you out there who love your Cabernets, Zinfandels, Malbec or Bordeaux blend, we’ve got you covered.

10 – Splurge – Worthy Wines :

Sometimes its hard to know when those extra dollars you’re willing to spend on a bottle are truly worth it! Are you just paying for a brand or are you truly paying for quality? Let us showcase some truly beautiful splurge – worthy wines that truly are worth their value and then some. Let us tell you about the process and the patience these winemakers have to make something truly special for your truly special evenings or occasions.